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Title: Not darkness, but light.
Author[personal profile] beyond_avalon / [ profile] pax_morgana 
Characters: Mordred, Merlin (implied Merlin/Mordred)
Wordcount: 2,448
Notes: Finally, the completed version of this!
Warnings: Contains potentially triggering material and character death.

I never professed to be your caretaker, Mordred. )
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Title: Запретный Ночь / Zapretnyĭ Noch' ( A Forbidden Night )
Author: [personal profile] beyond_avalon
Fandom: Tears of Artamon trilogy, book one: Lord of Snow and Shadows
Characters: Gavril Andar-Nagarian, Jaromir Arkhel (mentions of sundry others)
Pairing: Gavril / Jaromir; implied Lilias / Jaromir and Eugene / Jaromir
Rating: R
Summary: They have no idea that tonight will be their last, yet they lie together as if it were the last night in the world. (Set the night before the Tielen siege of Kastel Drakhaon in chapter 38.)
Notes: Some spoilers for chapter 38 onward.

'I was going mad in there alone.' )
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...when a someone is so full of hatred for a complete stranger, that they feel like they have to inundate that person with countless and near-constant messages of malice. It's even worse when they lie about someone wonderful and attempt to paint them as an ugly person just to further their hate. I'm not naïve: I know such people exist, and I'm not shocked to be the victim of such behaviour, but it makes me very, very sad. I pity that person; really, I do. I wonder what went wrong in their life to make them think that expressing their dislike for a person in such a cowardly, immature way was an acceptable thing to do.


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