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Name:Morgan Arthur
Birthdate:Apr 12
Location:Bel Air, Maryland, United States of America
Website:My LJ
I'm just a small soul in a big world, learning to love myself and take pride in being me. I have a marvelous girlfriend, Danielle, who makes doing that a whole lot easier. I love purple and cuteness, and I fanship Arthurians like a boss.

Interests (132):

alanis morissette, alexander, anna paquin, arthurian legend, b.d. wong, being a brony, being an obnoxious yet lovable fool, ben barnes, brother bear, caleb hydra, cassandra clare, cher, chinchillas, clare maguire, coles whalen, constantine, cooking, cute things, dancing like a white kid, doctor who, dogs, elizabeth e. wein, ellen page, emilie autumn, emily smith, eve 6, ewan mcgregor, eytan fox, fanshipping, ferngully, fiddler on the roof, fireal, flyleaf, fried green tomatoes, gaia online, graceling, happoradio, heather dale, holding hands, holly black, hugs, i am mordred, i love you phillip morris, idylls of the queen, imogen heap, inception, into the woods, ironside, james durbin, james mcavoy, jason mraz, jessie j, john william waterhouse, josh groban, juno, kate rusby, kerfuffle, kisses, law and order: svu, legion, m-slash, marlee matlin, master and commander: the far side of the world, merlin (1998 film), michael cera, millennium trilogy, moira smiley & voco, monty python and the holy grail, mordred bastard son, morgan le fay, morgause, moulin rouge, my little pony: friendship is magic, nicole kidman, noomi rapace, ohad knoller, onerepublic, paul bettany, playing with animals, power rangers, priest, puppies, purple, quest for camelot, rats, reading, reading books, rent, rihanna, robert demayo, roleplaying, see what i'm saying, singing, sir ian mckellan, sir kay, sir mordred, sir patrick stewart, sir sagramore, snuggles, starz camelot, t.a.t.u., terry brooks, the bubble, the duhks, the fray, the girl who kicked the hornet's nest, the girl who played with fire, the girl with the dragon tattoo, the high kings, the infernal devices, the king and i, the mortal instruments, the once and future king, the secret of kells, the spiral dance, the wicked day, the winter prince, tim curry, tina malia, tithe, torchwood, tumblr, valiant, vitas, writing, x-men, xena: warrior princess, y!gallery, yossi & jagger, yousef sweid, yul brynner, zazie

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